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Who is ECO DryClean

Switzerland’s #1 Waterless Auto Detailing Expert

ECO DryClean is an ecological and waterless auto detailing company based in Basel, Switzerland. Our company was founded in 2015 and is focused in providing our customers with the most effective, convenient and environmentally friendly car care and detailing services. We only provide manual and detailed services, thus assuring a perfect result.

Environmentally Friendly
We have decided to protect one of the most important planet’s natural resource, the water. For this reason, we carry out our cleaning work exclusively based on the “waterless” technologie and with environmentally friendly products. After carefully analyzing and testing various distributors, we decided to partner with “eco touch” because their products are: made of organic ingredients such as essential oils,  biodegradable and do not require any use of water to remove them.

We have offer our services into service packages. The different packages “Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium” differ in the quantity of the included services and are therefore individually adjusted depending on the size, condition and need of your car. We advise you so that you can get the right package and thus achieve the most effective and sustainable result. This will also increase the necessary cleaning interval saving you time and money.

Car Wash Basel
car wash basel

We are located in level P1 of the St. Jakob-Park shopping center parking garage in Basel. You can enjoy the time in the shopping centre, while we detail your car.

Contacting Us

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We value your convenience, time and money

1. Booking

Use our online booking system to choose your preferred service, date and time.


2. Check-in

Bring your car to us. We’re located at St. Jakob-Park Shopping Centre, in level P1 of the parking garage

3. Relax

Go shopping or have a coffee while we give your car a state of the art treatment

4. Be Delighted!

Be surprised with your shiny car!

Your Car, Your Asset


Buying a car may be the biggest purchase that you make aside from your home. Once this decision is taken, your car becomes a valuable asset because you can sell it for a large amount of money. This can help in emergency situations.

However, it is important to understand that, even under normal use, the value of your car will depreciate over time. Therefore, a regular and constant maintenance and cleaning program is a MUST and will increase its market value.

The car exterior and interior appearance is often a point of selling power when it comes time to trade the car in or sell it. While many people may not care about the oil or tires, or if the CD player won’t work, in case the car  does not look good inside and/or outside, the deal is off.

If you ever want to trade the car in or sell it, every quarter spent in a proper exterior and interior cleaning or detailing will be paid back to you with interest!

We from ECO DryClean are here to support in maintaining your asset value by properly and professionally cleaning and detailing your car. Talk to us and we will provide you the exactly services you need, not more and not less.

We Love Your Car The Same As You Do!

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