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In ecological washing water is not used, the product used is a liquid composed among others by carnauba wax and the requirement of cleanliness is very detailed. The workforce is highly qualified and trained to meet the quality standards set by ECO DryClean.

The efficiency of the products used to repel dirt from the bodywork is much higher than liters and liters of water that often do not remove dirt, just water. The product when applied works by softening the dirt, making it easy to remove without the danger of scratching or scratch the paint.

Through this special technique that avoids the use of water, the car is clean, waxed and protected. The wax is non-abrasive, without prejudice to the painting, and is fully biodegradable. After treatment, the paint of your vehicle will get a glow, non-stick and water repellent film.

The frequent use of ecological cleaning provides extra protection for car paint due to the components of wax used, preventing any dirt from building up in the body.