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About us

ECO DryClean GmbH is Switzerland’s #1 Ecological and Waterless Auto Detailing Expert.

We are convinced that it is of utmost importance to have passion and believe on what you do.

Our highly motivated and professional team is committed in providing the friendliest, most flexible, most convenient, most cost effective and best hand car wash and detailing experience possible.

We are also doing our part in protecting the water environment, thus ensuring water availability for future generations. thus ensuring water availability for future generations. The most important points to convert our idea into a successful business are:

  • Proper qualified, motivated and well-trained team members,
  • Innovation and excellence in all services provided to our clients
  • Flexibility and customer care
  • Top quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Attractive recommendation and loyalty program for customers

Our mission

Our mission is to be the leader in our businesses creating long-term value to our customers and employees by providing the highest level of reliable and cost-effective services. Our service is geared towards the continuous security of water resources on earth with the aim of securing them sustainably through the use of organic products.

We have made it our goal to protect the environment. We are – and are determined to remain – a service organisation engaged in the ecological and waterless vehicles detailing business aiming in supporting the reduction of water consumption and the environment protection.

We will earn the trust of our customers and our team of professional and dedicated employees by our relentless commitment to achieve exceptional results through: teamwork, accountability, competence, innovation, integrity and most importantly by listening to our customer’s needs and wants.

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Meet Our Team

We can assure that all our crew members are skilled, properly trained and fully equipped with equipment and supplies needed to deliver the best results.
Our entire staff is professionally trained and equipped with completely professional equipment to ensure the best result for you. Our goal is to offer our customers the friendliest, most comfortable and effective top-up and preparation.
Marcelo Vissotto

Marcelo Vissotto


Marcelo is very focused in the impeccable consultation and execution of all services from the range. The well-being and individual satisfaction of the customer is very close to his heart.

As a former trainer of a Swiss airline, he successfully brings his skills to the development of the training program and the initial qualification of all EMPLOYEES of ECO DryClean.

Fabiana Vissotto

Fabiana Vissotto

Operations Manager

Founder and Operations Manager of ECO DryClean, Fabiana is the responsible person for the daily operations.

Former flight attendant, she is meticulous on details and also responsible for the training of new employees.

Organic products

Today, the stringent regulations and environmental restrictions associated to an increasing eco-conscious trend point to the future where both water consumption and safe (harmless) product ingredients will not only be an advantage, but a must.

At the same time, people are demanding the best quality and efficiency for the righteous price. Our “waterless” car wash products contain only harmless ingredients that fulfil the most stringent regulations and requirements. Furthermore, and besides being totally safe and protecting the environment, they are also highly effective, thus allowing their use at home or any other place.

There are only a few people who know about waterless car wash products and techniques and fewer who have actually tried washing their cars using such method. Based on this new concept, ECO DryClean aims to educate the society about the waterless car care products advantages versus the usual (chemical) car care products, and also in reducing the water consumption.

The long-term goal is to build a large and solid base of satisfied, empowered and loyal customers. The biggest strategic competitive advantages are the products performance and the social responsibility in terms of water savings in comparison with the usual chemical car care products. Moreover, our waterless car wash products are eco-friendly packed and most importantly, they are the only one (to our knowledge) in the market, providing the full list of the ingredients in each product.

Accepted Payments

  • Cash
  • Mastercard and Visa
  • Maestro
  • Postfinance Map
  • Paypal

Experienced Team

  • ECO DryClean has its own Training Manual designed by a Training Expert
  • After the initial training, all new employee must work under supervision, before released to work independently
  • Training for new products, services and procedures, we assure your car is in experienced and trained hands, be surprised by the result

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