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Cars with more than 5 seats will be charged as XL Cars

In case you need any service that is not listed below, just call us and ask for a quotation.


Silver package

With the Silver package you get the Exterior & interior package plus the following services: Removal (as much as possible) of road salt, insect stains, lime, tree resin and brake dust; Seat cleaning (leather or fabric), animal hair and sand removal (as much as possible).
Preise : Ab CHF 337 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Exterior & interior package

With the exterior & interior package you get the following services: cleaning of the vehicle painting and wax treatment, wheel and rim cleaning (front part and as far as possible) - door frame, threshold and tank cap cleaning, windows and mirrors cleaning inside and outside, vacuuming the interior , trunk, seats and floor mats (as much as possible), complete dashboard cleaning. - Attention: Removal of insect stains, lime, tree sap, superficial defects, brake dust, seat cleaning, animal hair and sand removal are NOT included!
Preise : Ab CHF 217 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Interior package

With the interior package you get the following services: interior windows and mirrors cleaning, vacuuming the interior, trunk, seats and floor mats (as much as possible), complete dashboard cleaning. - Attention: seats cleaning, animal hair and sand removal are NOT included!
Preise : Ab CHF 137 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Interior Disinfection

With the Waxoyl Neutralize plus we can remove 99.999% of the viruses, spores, bacteria & fungi. Area of application: for the disinfection of all flat and ventilation systems (air conditioning systems) in vehicles of all kinds, e.g. Cars, ambulances, buses, taxis, etc. Neutralizer Plus is 100% biodegradable. The product is a purely mineral disinfectant solution and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and free of any additives. Neutralizer Plus removes microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses without leaving any residue; Spores and fungi. Pathogens can be removed successfully and sustainably!
Preise : CHF 50

Seats cleaning (leather or cloth)

All seats will be cleaned to remove stains and dirt and protected to avoid reoccurrence. This service is available for both leather or cloth seats. For cloth seats is important to understand that very old stains, contamination by oils or grease may not be completely eliminated in the process. For leather seats we use special and exclusive leather treatment products, whereas for cloth seats we use a special machine that sprays water under pressure and vacuum it at the same time.
Preise : Ab CHF 140 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Odor elimination with Ozone

What is ozone and how does it work? Ozone (O3) is a natural gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. It is blue in color and has a strong metallic scent. In comparison, normal oxygen (O2) consists of oxygen atoms and is colorless and odorless. The car interior is sealed and filled with ozone for several hours. The ozone oxidizing effect means that all smells are converted into odorless substances. All viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria are also killed. The shape of the gas reaches every corner of the interior, which guarantees flawless odor removal. The result is an odorless and disinfected vehicle. All sources of organic smell are removed permanently. New smells or reinfection are effectively avoided as long as there is no further penetration of new organic pollutants. The interior of the vehicle is not cleaned superficially, but thoroughly, so that your car is odorless and disinfected
Preise : CHF 150

Exterior package

With the exterior package you get the following services: cleaning of the vehicle painting and wax treatment, wheel and rim cleaning (front part and as much as possible), door frame, threshold and tank cap cleaning, exterior windows and mirrors cleaning. - Attention: Removal of insects stains, lime, tree sap, superficial defects and brake dust are NOT included!
Preise : Ab CHF 97 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Paint chips repair

Fast, simple and professional paint chip repair! ECO DryClean brought to Switzerland the most innovative system to professionally repair paint chips, certain types of scratches and road rash. We are now an official representative of Dr. ColorChip Repair System. You won't find a faster, more simple and cost effective way to permanently repair chips. Dr. ColorChip's incredible repair process results in smooth, perfectly matched paint with no paint blobs! High quality automotive paint and a proprietary blending solution professionally fill and hide paint blemishes without having to leave your car in a body shop for days and spend a lot of money! ECO DryClean will heal your vehicle's paint! If your vehicle has paint chips or scuffs, conveniently book an appointment and let Dr. ColourChip system solve your problem. The process is easy, much cheaper than a body shop and the results are as close to perfect as a repair can get. ECO DryClean and Dr. ColorChip take your vehicle's finish very...
Preise : Ab CHF 150 je nach Schadensausmass

Nano paint sealant

The 100 Plus paint sealant gives new or used vehicles a high-gloss, transparent and hydrophobic protective coating. -Protects against UV rays, acid rain, road salt and dirt -Quick and easy to use paint sealant -Long-lasting deep shine
Preise : Ab CHF 97 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Wheel Change Basel

It's that time again. Our wheel change online booking system is always available for you. With the online appointment planner, you have the option of booking your desired wheel change appointment conveniently from home on the Internet. Use the opportunity to independently schedule your car wheel change according to your wishes and availability. This service includes all tire balancing. You can also store your wheels with us for CHF 60 per season. Just ask us!
Preise : CHF 80

Engine cleaning

Do you need to clean the engine of your car for selling it or because you need to go to the MFK check? We will do it for you! Keeping the engine bay clean will surely add value to your car. We do not take responsibility for hidden defects on the engine and/or its systems.
Preise : Ab CHF 100 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Nano windshield coating (lasts up to 6 months)

The coating, also known as sealing, of car windows is usually done by means of a so-called nano-coating. If, for example, you are driving under heavy rain, the water will simply run off from your windows. In some case, you do not even need to use your windshield wipers. It’s important to understand that this effect really effective at speeds at or above 60 km / h. Below this speed, you may need to use the windshield wipers, as usual, as the wind flow is not strong enough to allow the water to run off from the window.
Preise : CHF 50

Convertible car top or headliner cleaning

The convertible car top or the regular headliner will be cleaned and protected. This protection consists is a professional grade carpet and upholstery sealant that works like a shield to protect fabric surfaces against liquids, moisture, contamination and stains.
Preise : CHF 170

Car polishing + Nano paint sealant

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to polish your car’s paint. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world so to have that deep wet-looking shine it will take a little work. Your car’s paint is bombarded by contaminants and assaulted by foreign objects every day. Polishing your car removes defects like swirl, etching, scratches and oxidation while enhancing gloss and preparing your car for the protection it needs and deserves.
Preise : Ab CHF 824 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Ceramic coating (7 years warranty)

ECO DryClean uses a new generation of ceramic coating, which provides a very strong layer between the lacquer and aggressive substances. A first-class technology. Our ceramic coating supplies your paint with: -Deep gloss -High brilliance -Water-repellent pearl effect Advantages for your vehicle paint: -Protects against car wash chemicals -Water-repellent pearl effect -UV protection -Reduces hairline scratches -Absolutely transparent Other advantages: -Easy to clean, no special shampoo required -Resistant to high-pressure cleaning -Easy removal of insects -No waxing required
Preise : Ab CHF 350 - abhängig von der Fahrzeuggrösse

Headlights restauration

Seems like everything these days is made of plastic, and headlight lenses (capsules) are no exception. Although these plastics have a special UV resistant coating, your headlight lens can become dull, yellow and hazy from exposure to pollution, sunlight, harsh chemicals and road salt. This damage reduces the effectiveness of your headlights, making driving at night less safe. Rather than spend up to CHF 300 – 500 to replace a single fogged headlight lenses, you can restore your vehicle’s yellowed, cloudy headlamps in 30 to 45 minutes and the results are fantastic. Note: This service will not repair damage to the inside lens of the headlights. You should replace the headlight if the reflective coating is peeling or corroded.
Preise : CHF 150

Because Your Car Deserves to Shine

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Online Shop, Online Booking System and Prices

  1. Appointments
    1. Appointments are treated in the legal sense as a working order and treated and recognised as such. Before carrying out the vehicle cleaning / treatment, the customer must accept the terms and conditions. This is independent of the appointment.
    2. Any agreement of an appointment by the client with the contractor for a car wash, engine wash or vehicle detailing, which has been confirmed by the contractor, is considered as a working order.
    3. Failure to comply with an appointment without good reason entitles the contractor to claim for damages.
    4. Appointments are only valid with the consent of the customer and provider
    5. All our prices are inclusive of VAT. ECO DryClean GmbH can make price changes at any time without prior notice.
  2. Appointment no-show
    1. The appointments are valid for the agreed date, unless they are previously cancelled with a minimum of two (2) working days by one of the parties. In case the customer cancels the appointment with less that two (2) working days, a termination fee of CHF 70,00 will be charged and must be paid by the customer to the provider..
    2. If there is no important and convincing reason for the non-observance of an appointment, the provider may charge or claim an overhead lump sum of 50% of the agreed price, but at least CHF 150. This fee is additional to the fee in 2.1.
  3. Defects / Warranty / Complaints
    1. At the latest when the vehicle is handed over to the customer, the client must inspect the services provided by the contractor and immediately notify the contractor of any objections or damages. Any damage will be photographically recorded in the presence of both parties.
    2. The contractor has the express right to rectification if the objections or the complaints are justified.
  4. Material defect liability
    1. Claims for damages, which are in connection with paint damage allegedly caused by the contractor, are excluded if these paint damages have their origin in pre existing known or unknown defects or damaged paints. his is particularly the case with stone chips, paint chips, badly processed paints and scratches that are normally not visible in dirty cars.
    2. The customer is hereby advised by the contractor that in the case of heavily soiled interiors aggressive chemicals may be used, which could lead to fading colours or color deviations. If the customer nevertheless wish to carry out this work, the acceptance of this GTC will exclude any liability of the contractor in this regard.
    3. Liability for damage to the vehicle that existed before the vehicle detailing on the vehicle in question (eg body damage, scratches and bumps, retrofitted rims, antennas, mirrors, loose and damaged interior, accessories or retrofitted spoilers, etc.) or increased by the work on the vehicle are excluded.
    4. Engine and engine room washes are only carried out on motor vehicles with perfect electrical sealing. The contractor’s liability for vehicles, which did not have such a full electrical seal, but at the customer’s express wish, but such engine wash was performed, is excluded. By placing an order for engine and engine room washing, the customer confirms the perfect electrical sealing of all electronic parts in the engine compartment or in his vehicle.
    5. When placing the order, the client must inform the contractor of sensitive electrical components (eg alarm systems, car hi-fi, etc.) or record this in writing on the order confirmation.
    6. Incidentally, the customer’s claims for compensation and damages (hereinafter “claims for damages”) are excluded for whatever legal reason, in particular for breach of the contractual relationship and tort. The limitation of liability or the exclusion of liability of the regulations of § 4 do not apply insofar as mandatory liability exists, eg. B. after Product Liability Act, in cases of intent, gross negligence, injury to life, limb, health, or breach of contract. The claim for damages for the breach of essential contractual obligations, however, is limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damage, unless there is intent or gross negligence or liability for injury to life, limb or health. The above provision does not entail a change in the burden of proof to the detriment of the principal. The above rule does not entail a change in the burden of proof to the detriment of the client
    7. We accept no responsibility for any items or values in the car
  5. ECO DryClean Online Shop
    1. Geltung der allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen Diese allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) gelten für sämtliche online bei ECO DryClean GmbH getätigten Warenbestellungen. Sie regeln die Rechte und Pflichten zwischen ECO DryClean GmbH zu ihren Kunden abschliessend. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only effective by a written confirmation from ECO DryClean GmbH. Conflicting or deviating terms and conditions of the customers are not accepted. The version of the General Terms and Conditions published at the time of the order is decisive. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions are reserved at any time.
    2. Prices / Delivery: All our prices are inclusive of VAT, but without shipping costs, which are charged separately. All price information is only valid within Switzerland. ECO DryClean GmbH may make price changes at any time without prior notice. The ordered items will be delivered upon receipt of payment.
    3. Contract conclusion and withdrawalAll information about goods and prices on the homepage of ECO DryClean GmbH is subject to change and non-binding. With the order via the homepage, the customer makes a binding offer. ECO DryClean GmbH confirms the acceptance of the offer by e-mail to the customer. Only with this express acceptance a contract is concluded and the customer is entitled to delivery of the goods. If the goods ordered by the customer are not available in the desired quantity or at the price indicated on the homepage, ECO DryClean GmbH shall notify the customer as soon as possible. In this case, the contract is only valid if the customer has confirmed the corrected order by e-mail. Orders and agreements by telephone will only be valid if they are confirmed in writing or by e-mail.
    4. Cancellation: In the event of an order being cancelled, customers undertake to compensate ECO DryClean GmbH with 25 of the agreed price, but at least CHF 25.00 and a maximum of CHF 50.00 for any work. Further claims of ECO dryClean GmbH are reserved. Stellt sich nach Abschluss des Vertrages heraus, dass bestellte Ware entweder teilweise oder insgesamt nicht geliefert werden kann, ist ECO In diesem Fall erstattet ECO DryClean GmbH der Kundschaft die im Voraus bezahlten Beträge zurück. Weitergehende Ansprüche werden wegbedungen.
    5. Umtausch und Rückgabe: Es besteht nach erfolgter Lieferung kein Anspruch auf Umtausch und Rückgabe der Ware.
    6. Haltbarkeitsgarantie: Auf allen flüssigen Autopflegeprodukten der ECO DryClean GmbH gilt eine Mindesthaltbarkeit von 12 Monaten ab Lieferung. Diese Garantie gilt nur, sofern die Ware unverändert und bestimmungsgemäss verwendet wird.
    7. Beanstandungen: Der Kaufvertrag gilt als gehörig erfüllt, falls der Kunde nicht innert 8 Tagen seit Lieferung diese schriftlich bei ECO DryClean GmbH beanstandet.
    8. Haftungsausschluss: Es besteht keine Haftung für direkte oder indirekte, mittelbare oder unmittelbare Schäden, die sich aus einem nicht bestimmungsgemässen Gebrauch ergeben.
  6. Anwendbares Recht und Gerichtsstand

Im Falle von Streitigkeiten ist ausschliesslich materielles Schweizer Recht anwendbar. Der Gerichtsstand ist Basel. ECO DryClean GmbH, Scheltenstrasse 18, 4153, Reinach September 2017