Metal polish – chrome polish


You want brilliant shine on chrome, stainless steel and aluminum – and you want to banish the toxins?

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The non-abrasive formula removes light oxidation and eliminates streaks, stains and greasy residue. Free of harsh chemicals and dyes, Metal Polish creates deep shine on metal surfaces in your car and home. Conventional metal cleaners and polishes rely on hideous chemicals to accomplish this. We try to change that. We provide shine that you and your environment will love


  • Gently cleanses, polishes and provides shine.
  • For use on chrome, stainless steel and more.
  • For use in car and home.
  • For your safety, all ingredients are listed.


  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Spray on a clean Eco Touch microfibre cloth and rub off the surface.
  • Polish with a dry microfiber cloth.

All ingredients:

Water, biodegradable surfactants (for cleaning: lauramine oxide & alcohol ethoxylates), polishes (for shine: mineral oil), citric acid, preservatives (less than 0.05%).

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