A FRESH BREEZE for your interior – The Eco Touch Odor Remover is a breakthrough in car care. It does not cover bad smells, but completely neutralizes them at the microscopic level.

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  • Neutralizes odors at the microscopic level immediately
  • Effective against cigarette and animal odors
  • Natural and subtle cucumber-mint fragrance
  • Keeps the interior fresh with essential oils

Just spray into the interior of your car. The formula works completely independently against the hardest odors. Enjoy your day with ECO TOUCH. Naturally. The best. For her. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Shake well. 2. Spray on the affected areas or simply spread out in the interior. 3. The odors are already neutralized during evaporation.

NOTE:Please note that odors generally settle in the fibers of carpets and upholstery, thus avoiding contact with leather or plastic. Strong odors may need a second application.

ALL INGREDIENTS: filtered water, blend of vegetable surfactants (alkyl polyglucoside and soya ethyl morpholinium ethosulfate), fragrance oil blend, ethanol, preservatives (less than 0.05%)

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